• The Coffee Shop

    Enjoy a cup of hot coffee, read a book, socialize in the cafe
    and relax in the latte art ambiance.
  • Meet Coffee Lovers

    Our coffee shop hosts a cultural event every Saturday and
    Sunday at 11 AM for coffee-lovers to socialize.
  • But First, Coffee!

    Fall in love with our wide range of coffee flavors
    that will surely make your heart happy.

Fuel Up Your Day!

Coffee proves to be the best source of energy. Treat yourself to a relaxing
cup of coffee and use the time as a stress-reliever.

Where Have You Bean?

Know the history of coffee beans that comes from the coffee plant.

Visit the Cafe, Now!

Explore the amazing services provided by our coffee shop.

Smell The Coffee

Don’t underestimate the power of enjoying that sensual coffee aroma.

Great Coffee for Everyone!

A great cup of coffee can improve the life of everyone who touches it.
Order our handcrafted giftboxes or pre-book an event.

Book Your Appointment

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Expresso Yourself

People can’t expresso how much a rich, flavorful bean means to them.
Good coffee is like friendship: rich, and warm and strong.

Treat Yourself

Make yourself comfortable at our shop. Have a coffee break and grab a sandwich.

Savor the Flavor

Buy our exclusive range of gourmet giftboxes and coffee hampers .

Social Event

Meet like-minded people on our social gathering events held every weekend.

Just Cream-it!

Request your name to be written with cream on your choice of latte.

Coffee Shop Menu

Discover your perfect, personal drink from our wide range of beverages.

Café Latte..............................$12

Made with espresso & steamed milk.

Hot Gourmet Cocoa..............$12

Tastes like dark chocolate.

Eye-opener Espresso...........$12

Espresso is coffee of Italian origin.

Classic Cappuccino.............$12

Double espresso with steamed milk.

Vanilla Cappuccino.............$12

Enhanced with delicate essence of Vanilla.

Crème Frappuccino.............$12

Made from mocha syrup and choco chips.

Black Tea Latte.....................$12

Handpicked tea leaves from India & Sri Lanka.

Caffè Misto............................$12

Based on French coffee drink.

Coffee and conversations

Coffee is a good social drink. Get relaxed, and enjoy yourself
at the coffee party as you meet new people.

Hot Coffee

Be Relaxed

Spread Beans

Love In A Cup

Fresh Brews

the coffee makers

Do you want to know who makes your coffee cup? We have a team of cafe experts who delicately
handcraft every cup of your strong and refreshing beverage.

Coffee & You

An extra dose of coffee never harms anyone! Read our interesting blogs on coffee and more.

Recipe For Honey And
Cinnamon Iced Latte

Make this coffee shop's best-selling beverage at home!

The Best Coffee Shops
In The World

Check out the list which is prepared after consulting 150 coffee experts.

Discover Health Benefits Of Your Favorite Coffee

Coffee isn’t just tasty and energizing — it may also be extremely good for you.

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A Cuppa-Cofeee

Looking for a way to stay energized all day? Coffee is everyone’s best friend.