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Jewellery Shop

We are the leading brands in the field of Jewels and we export goods from the best places around the world to make ornaments and sell fine quality products to you.

Jewellery Shop

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Eternity Ring

$ 50- $ 69

Specially designed for anniversary

Bridal Ring

$ 30- $ 50

White gold ring with diamond center

Brace Ring

$ 57- $ 67

Golden ring with a bracelet design

Ring Belt

$ 30- $ 50

Golden belt with beautiful stone

Pearl Ring

$ 45- $ 65

Enlarged pearl ring with leaf shape

Golden Ring

$ 72- $ 92

Flush setting design with gold shank

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Our Expert Staff

We have a team of experts for you to provide best knowledge about the cuts and quality of diamonds you want to purchase.

Niana is the quality check expert of our organisation and also known for her creative ring designs.

Niana Joseph

She is the marketing expert of our organisation and helps you to offer best deals for purchase.

Rachel Swann

Kim is the necklace expert of our team & also design necklaces for weddings as per customer's choice.

Kim Marie

Lisa is the marketing manager of our organisation that gives you best options to buy jewels.

Lisa Pitt

Jewellery Shop

Our team provides you best quality products and services before and after every purchase. You can also contact us to design ornaments for events.