Refund Policy



At (EIN) Emperor International Network, we are committed to providing quality services to promote your e-store or your personalized website. It is the company’s policy that once we have provided the services to the paying customers, all sales are considered final.

Therefore, customers will not be allowed for any refund, whether in cash or any kind, for any reason whatsoever. Once the service has been delivered to them, they will not be allowed to ask for a refund or cancellation even if the customer is dissatisfied with the service.

(EIN) Emperor International Network does not allow any refund, cancellation, or exchange of any kind. Thus, before deciding to use and pay for any of the services we offer, we advise customers to read and understand this policy and our published risk warning. This policy is updated on the 10th of June 2020 and is publicly available on your website, /, to prevent any misunderstanding and disputes.